Mental Wellness Coaching

What Is Mental Wellness Coaching?

Everyday life throws us off, we function on auto-pilot, and many of us aren't living to our fullest potential.

We all get off track from time to time. A child's birth, a move, a divorce, going back to school - whatever it may be, sometimes we get lost in the shuffle of everyday life.

Coaching allows you to explore what you want out of life - maybe you want to start a business, move on from a past relationship, build more confidence, or health your relationship with food and body.

A mental wellness approach to coaching will help you:

Unpack and work towards healing emotional wounds
Establish and implement healthy, firm boundaries
Deepen your self-care practice
Set & work towards goals

When you are mentally balanced, you can better cope with the everyday stress of life, feel more productive, and show up every day in your work, relationships, and family as the best version of you!


Meet Your Coach

Amanda Shea

I approach coaching in a balanced way, I believe in meeting my clients where they are.

I understand the different struggles we all face regarding relationships, career, and family because I have experienced challenges in different situations myself.

Within my coaching practice, I follow Health at Every Size and don’t believe in eliminating certain foods in the pursuit of wellness. Rather, I believe in integrating supplements, self-care, and joyful movement to support your wellness.

I am a Certified Integrative Mental Health Coach with certifications in life coaching and mindfulness based stress reduction. I hold a B.A. in women/gender studies and psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and an M.A. in  organizational psychology from William James College. 

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