Why It’s Important to Take Time Off From Technology

With technology and the internet becoming more integrated with our lives, there’s an important balance we must maintain. Too much technology has repercussions just as much as not enough may.

But what exactly are these repercussions?

The answer to this question will vary from person-to-person. Some may find themselves so fixated with work that they can’t eat dinner without being interrupted by emails. Others may not be able to peek into other’s lives on social media.

Technology has us strung around its finger in a number of different ways. And, throughout this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of unplugging from it.

Reduce Stress and Take Care of Your Mental Wellness

The majority of people nowadays need technology for the sake of their professions. While technology has made jobs much easier to complete, it has also wired us more to our work. How so? With a phone always in vicinity, we have constant access to emails, spreadsheets, and documents. Not to mention other stressors such as bank accounts and bills.

Beyond our professions, we also spend a lot more time than we’d like to imagine doing hardly anything at all on technology. This may include scrolling through social media, binging a TV show, watching Youtube video after video, and so on. Even if we’re spending just snippets of our day doing these activities, those snippets add up!

In order to reduce stress and promote wellbeing, it’s in all of our best interest to unplug completely from technology for an hour or so daily. During this time, there are a number of different activities we can participate in that can encourage positive mental health. These include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Exercising
  • Going for a walk through nature
  • Picking up a new hobby
  • Practicing an art (writing, music, drawing)
  • Reading a novel
  • Spending time with a friend or loved one
  • Taking a class

Truly, there are an infinite amount of different activities to choose from. Consider some aspects of your life that you’ve always wanted to change and/or habits you’ve always wanted to pick up. From there, simply try to spend an hour or so a day away from technology promoting this new activity. We guarantee in no time it will become an important habit of your daily life!

Problems with Technology

When we’re sucked into the internet or television, we tend to get lost in everything happening in the world. Admittedly, it can be a bit too much for us to wrap our heads around. Though, more importantly, it can distract us from what’s happening in our present.

There’s so much already going around within our world that it becomes almost counterproductive to try and take in everything happening around the world. Consider moments with your loved ones and friends. Consider moments in nature or when you’re alone with your thoughts.

When we’re caught up in the internet and social media, a few negative emotions tend to appear. These can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Envy
  • Loneliness

Being present is vital for mental wellbeing. It allows us to grow as individuals and develop a proper understanding of ourselves and our importance within the world. It allows us to focus on what we’re grateful for and to recognize that our lives are never truly represented through technology.

With such realization, you may soon begin to see how technology negatively affects your body too. If you work in an office all day, chances are sitting hunch-backed with your eyes glued to a screen for hours on end. Such activity is bound to leave your brain feel fried, your muscles feeling sore, and your body feeling tired.

Consider incorporating physical activity in your time away from technology. While it may be difficult to just get up and start exercising, even little steps like a walk around the neighborhood can make all the difference.

Tips for Taking Time Off From Technology

It may feel daunting trying to step away from technology. Admittedly, the majority of our day-to-day lives are integrated with online communication and activity. For many of us, there’s never been a moment where considered stepping away and completely changing our digital habits.

With that said, it’s important to stay realistic about what you’re doing. Obviously, you won’t completely disconnect. Our phones are both vital for communication and information. You’ll most likely find during your time away from technology that you need to quickly send a text or look up a piece of information.

This is okay!

The purpose of this article was never to get you to completely detox from technology. Rather, it’s to promote the idea of spending time daily away from it. With that in mind, consider how technology is affecting you negatively and then examine how to promote healthier lifestyle habits.

For example, if you find yourself scrolling through social media when you’re supposed to be working, it may benefit you to keep your phone physically away from you during work hours. Or, if you find it difficult to get to sleep at night because of your cell phone, it may be ideal to turn your phone off completely (or set it to “do not disturb”).

As mentioned, the idea of stepping away from technology is going to look different for everyone. However, there is one tip we can all make use of - creating a schedule around our time away from technology.

Whether it be putting a 1-hour limit on TV time or not using social media after 9:00 PM, do whatever works for you. The point is to be consistent with your technological breaks for the betterment of your mind, body, and spirit.