What Are The 5 Love Languages and How Your Language Impacts Your Relationships!

Have you ever heard someone talking about their love language? Love languages are a concept created by Gary Chapman, a marriage counselor. According to his theory, by learning your significant other’s love language and them learning yours, you can have a better relationship.

The five love languages are receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service or devotion, and physical touch. According to Chapman, everyone has one primary and one secondary love language. Here are some examples of each love language:

  1. Receiving gifts: This one is pretty self-explanatory. This person loves to be surprised with little gifts and birthdays and holidays are big deals to them.

  2. Quality time: This person would love to be taken out on dates, spend time alone with their partner without distractions, and needs undivided attention.

  3. Words of affirmation: This person enjoys compliments, praise, and other verbal support.

  4. Acts of service or devotion: This person would enjoy actions rather than words, such as their partner doing the dishes or taking care of them when they are sick.

  5. Physical touch: This person craves physical touch so they enjoy lots of hugs, kisses, and even PDA.  

Understanding your love language and the primary love language of your partner can help reduce conflict and strain in a relationship. Essentially, it can help you understand what your partner needs in a relationship and vice versa. It really can help keep love alive, especially in relationships that last decades.

We all show affection and love in different ways and it can really open up your eyes to what you need and how your partner shows you love. Perhaps you never really thanked them for always picking up groceries because it didn’t matter to you that much. Maybe you really light up when they give you a hug after a long day. You may find that you have a different love language than you originally thought and it can be helpful to discuss this with your partner.

Essentially, taking the quiz and finding out your love languages with your significant other and even your family and friends can open up a bridge of communication that can lead to a long and healthy relationship.

Can you guess which are your primary and secondary love languages right off the bat? If not, you and your partner can take the quiz at https://www.5lovelanguages.com/.