The Best Ways to Calm Your Mind

In these ever-increasingly stressful times, people of all ages all over the world are looking to new and alternative ways, as well as conventional tried and true methods of reducing anxiety, worry, and frustration. There is no arguing that our world is at a major turning point as to what direction we take it in the future. 

Issues such as climate change, deepening political divides, social injustices, economic uncertainty, and countless others have people’s emotions and stress levels turned seemingly all the way up. Now more than ever it is important for us to find ways to bring ourselves back into balance, as well as enhancing and increasing our calm and relaxation. Here are some of the many ways that different folks are doing just that:

Yoga and Meditation

The first activity on our list is one that has been almost a daily way of life in the east and far east for thousands of years, but it has just recently exploded onto the scene and gained popularity in the western world over the last few decades. While the physical techniques are excellent for increasing strength, endurance, and balance, the spiritual and mental practices are known for helping to bring more clarity and peace of mind than regular exercise.

Engaging in a Hobby

This is something that many of us tend to stop doing as we get older. Life, work, relationships, family, and other “grownup stuff” gets in the way of participating in the little things we love. This particular activity could encompass anything that captures your imagination and interest. It can be reading or writing, listening to music, painting or drawing, playing sports, gardening, or literally anything else that you enjoy spending time doing.

Use a White Noise Machine

If you have never tried one of these, it might surprise you to find out how exceptionally relaxing they can be. Repetitive and soothing background sounds can work on a subconscious level to sooth us and put our minds at ease. They are not only helpful during stressful periods throughout the day, either. They are also extremely beneficial to people who may have trouble sleeping, which, in turn, also increases irritability and stress levels.


Fung Shui Your Home 

If you thought this was just another passing fad you were wrong. There has been a lot of evidence to show the arrangement of your house can have a profound impact on mental health. Things like arranging your furniture in a place that receives more natural sunlight, using plants which cleanse the air and produce calming aromas, and setting up a “quiet” place can all help to improve your overall mood and general emotional wellness.