Success Isn’t Just Money and Career

When you’re asked to define success, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Likely, it’s something related to a career or money. While financial stability is important for our wellness, it isn’t everything. And, more often than not, it overburdens other important factors of our life.

It often goes undiscussed that our health, happiness, and relationships are also key to a successful life. That success incorporates a number of different aspects of ourselves which we don’t often consider.

If you have a job that’s been stressing you out or you’ve been feeling bouts of depression, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to redefine success and that’s why we’re developing this article!

Health is Wealth

It often goes overlooked how important our diet is to our overall happiness. What we input into our bodies will naturally output. This is thanks to something known as the gut-brain connection. To put it simply, our brain receives signals from our gut whenever it’s feeling good or bad.

Ever experience an awful stomach ache after eating something you know you shouldn’t have? Did you notice that stomach ache also caused you to feel more stressed, anxious, and depressed? That’s the gut-brain connection trying to tell you something’s wrong. And the more “bad” we feed ourselves, the less “good” our bodies are able to produce.

With this said, a healthy diet is a key factor of success. Not only does it help our physical health reach levels we desire, but it also assists in our mental health.

Beyond that, it’s just as helpful to also remain active. This doesn’t have to be standard exercising. More so, we just have to make sure our bodies are moving as much as possible. Sometimes, it’s a walk around the block. Other times, it’s stretching after a bit of office work.

Putting Less into Material Possessions  

It’s been said over and over again that you can’t buy happiness. And it’s safe to say we all agree this statement is true. Yet, we live in an economy that strives on us buying as much as we can. We’re plagued with commercials and advertisements around every perceivable corner.

At the end of the day, it’s difficult to just ignore this. Not to mention, we know how good it can feel to buy something new when you’re feeling down. Unfortunately, as we’re sure you already know, these little purchases aren’t really satisfying us.

In order to feel satisfied, it’s important for us to not put so much faith into such endeavors. It’s vital to keep in mind that whatever we buy isn’t going to make us feel better about ourselves.

Such thinking is key to success as it leads to confidence. We don’t need the new Rolex because we’re already confident in who we are. We don’t need a new set of clothes because we feel great dressed in the clothes we already have.

This perspective is understandably simple. Yet, it’s a cycle that feeds into our self-reliance. And that self-reliance is exactly what we need in order to feel successful.

Get Off Social Media

The research has shown that those who use more social media are often more depressed than those who don’t. But why is there such a correlation?

It’s not social media itself so much as how we interact with it. For example, if you place a post online and feel less satisfied when you don’t receive a large sum of likes, you may be attaching success too much to your online presence.

Most of us find it difficult not to desire appreciation from others on social media. This is especially true when we see others raking in thousands upon thousands of likes. But are these people really successful?

It’s difficult to tell because social media is only a snapshot of our lives (and a glamourized snapshot at that). It’s not what defines us. It’s not what makes us better individuals.

If you find yourself absorbed in social media, it may be time to either cut down on it or get off altogether.

You Have A Lot to Be Grateful For

When we consider what could make us successful, we often ignore what we already have to be grateful for. Whether it’s our family, friends, career, health - chances are you have something another person desires. Something someone else would define as success.

It’s difficult to feel as though you need more when you’re already happy with what you have.

Of course, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t grow. There’s always room for us to improve our lives and make ourselves better people. What we’re trying to get across here is the idea that you should appreciate what you already have on this journey.

Chances are, with the right kind of perspective on yourself, you’ll feel successful.

Written by: Paul James