Body Positive Affirmations


Affirmations are statements with the goal of positively impacting the conscious and subconscious mind with the intention of positively impacting our habits, thinking, and behavior. 

Body positive affirmations should be repeated daily, even multiple times a day, to help reprogram your thinking around your body, thus improving your relationship with your body.


Body-Positive Affirmations to say daily:

My worth is not dependent on the size of my body.

I am beautiful.

I love my body because it allows me to experience new things.

I take care of my body and my body takes care of me.

My body allows me to hug my loved ones.

I love my body and I love myself.

Food is not good or bad. It has no moral significance.

My body can do amazing things!

I trust the wisdom of my body.

I enjoy feeling good.

Cake (or fill in a food you have a challenging relationship with) is not the enemy. It’s just cake, it has no power over me.