100 Self-Care Ideas


Self-care isn't about luxurious massages and expensive spa days, though those are nice. Self-care is something we need to think about and practice on a daily basis to keep us balanced. 

100 Self-Care Ideas: 

  1. Listen to a podcast

  2. Get a massage

  3. Diffuse essential oils

  4. Spend time with a cat or dog

  5. Take a walk

  6. Read for 20 minutes

  7. Meditate for 10 minutes

  8. Take a mental health day

  9. Create an at-home spa

  10. Light a candle

  11. Practice yoga for 20 minutes

  12. Watch your favorite tv show

  13. Write

  14. Journal

  15. Take a bath

  16. Go to dinner with a loved one

  17. Buy yourself something

  18. Make a cup of tea

  19. Create something with your hands' ex. cookies

  20. Make yourself a Sundae

  21. Visit a friend

  22. Buy flowers

  23. Try a new restaurant in your city

  24. Plant flowers

  25. Volunteer

  26. Make a to-do list

  27. Cross of one item on your to-do list

  28. Eat something nourishing

  29. Make a green juice or smoothie

  30. Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer read

  31. Clean out your inbox

  32. Do something you're passionate about

  33. Buy yourself a coffee

  34. Get a massage

  35. Burn incense

  36. Listen to an audiobook

  37. Play video games

  38. Organize

  39. Play around with make-up

  40. Stretch

  41. Visit the beach

  42. Donate unused clothes

  43. Make a flower arrangement

  44. Paint

  45. Write yourself a letter

  46. Practice positive affirmations

  47. Get a facial

  48. Turn your cell phone off for a few hours

  49. Create a self-care list of your own

  50. Scrapbook

  51. Start a passion project

  52. Get a manicure

  53. Apply a face mask

  54. Just sit

  55. Watch your favorite movie

  56. Color

  57. Dance to your favorite song

  58. Sing

  59. Watch a comedy special

  60. Sleep in

  61. Go to bed an hour early

  62. Read a magazine

  63. Give yourself a foot massage

  64. Check out a local museum

  65. Visit the farmers market

  66. Try a new hairstyle

  67. Oil pull

  68. Unlike/unfollow social media pages you no longer enjoy

  69. Practice deep breathing for 5 minutes

  70. Have sex

  71. Plan your next trip

  72. Take a day trip

  73. Take a nap

  74. Try new cuisine

  75. Spend 15 minutes in the sun

  76. Call your best friend

  77. Got to acupuncture

  78. Try Reiki

  79. Wear your favorite shirt that fits just right

  80. Think of 2 things you are grateful for

  81. Do something nice for someone else

  82. Take a 10-minute break

  83. Have a picnic

  84. Walk barefoot on the grass

  85. Make a playlist of your favorite songs

  86. Take photos of things that inspire you

  87. Play an instrument

  88. Go to the gym

  89. Wake up tomorrow saying “Today will be a beautiful day!”

  90. Hug a loved one

  91. Take yourself out to a nice dinner

  92. Go for a bike ride

  93. Make a vision board

  94. Join an online or in-person group, like a meet-up

  95. Buy yourself nice chocolate

  96. Watch cute animal videos

  97. Grab lunch with your co-worker

  98. Host a dinner party

  99. Order a pizza with toppings you’ve never tried

  100. Say no